RED Scarlet Package (EF or PL mount)
RED One Package (Nikon or PL mount)
Sony A7Sii Package (E mount, EF mount or PL mount)
Canon 7D camera package
Genus mattebox (clip on or 15mm rod mount)
RedRock Micro Mattbox (15mm rod mount only)
4 x 5.6 ND Filter set
RedRock Micro Follow Focus
RED Gunner handheld rig
x3 128GB SSD Cards
REDMAG SSD card reader
x5 Switronix Vmount Batteries & Dual Vmount Charger
x5 Canon LP-E6 batteries
x2 Dual Canon & Sony Battery chargers
12in & 18in follow focus whips
Tiffen Variable ND 77mm
Tiffen Circular Polarizer 77mm
15mm Handles


RED Zoom 50mm - 150mm_PL mount
RED Zoom 18mm - 50mm_PL mount
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8
Rokinon Cine 35mm T/1.5
Rokinon Cine 85mm T/1.5


x2 Manfrotto Tripods (Medium & Large Sticks)
x1 Manfrotto 509HD head 100mm (supports 29lbs)
x2 Manfrotto 504HD heads 75mm (supports 17lbs)
Manfrotto monopod w/spreader & Manfrotto 501 head
100mm/75mm Hi Hat
DJI - Phantom 3 drone
DJI - Ronin gimbal
4ft & 8ft Dana Dolly
Flowline Easy Rig
Hip Shot
Kessler 8ft or 12ft Crane Package with Kessler motorized head & controller
Kessler Compact Pocket jib
Kessler K-pod tripod
Kessler Hercules head
7in SmallHD AC7 monitor (runs on Canon LP-E6 batteries)
Wireless monitoring system & Directors monitor rig
Camera Cart


x1 Altman 1.2HMI fresnel kit
x1 Arri 2,000 watt studio light
x1 Altman 2,000 watt studio light
x2 Arri 1,000 watt
x1 Arri 650 watt
x1 Altman 650 watt
x2 Altman 300 watt (with snoots)
x1 Kino 4'x4 bank (tungsten & daylight bulbs)
x2 Kino Diva 200 (tungsten & daylight bulbs)
x2 36in 300/150 watt China balls
x1 1x1 Litepanel


x1 Apple Box set
x5 Full Apple Boxes
CTO & CTB Gel Rolls
216 & 250 Diffusion
MISC gels
x2 Wescott 24in x 36in Travel/Collapsable Flag Kit
8ft x 8ft frame (Silk, Solid, Grey, Bleached muslin)
Black wrap
x10 C-Stands (x8 regular & x2 short)
x2 Low Boy Combo Stand (x1 with moutain leg)
x3 Junior Combo Stands
x10 Light Stands
x7 Sandbags
x10 Gobo Heads
x6 Grip Arms 36in
Assortment of Grip Clips
x2 B Boards
x5 Furniture Pads / Sound Blankets
Flex Fill
x2 5ft x 7ft Collapsable green/blue screens
Green / White / Black back drops & holder
x4 25ft Stinger / Extension Cord
x2 50ft Stinger / Extension Cord
x6 Cube Taps
x2 15 Amp Dimmer
Suction cup car mount system

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